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About Us

Amen to Homemade (A2H) originated out of a passion for creating beautiful and meaningful handcrafted gifts and the need to make a personal connection with friends and family. With the growing trend of individuality and pride of handcrafted goods and the desire for human connection, it seems appropriate to create a unique shopping experience for those who appreciate the origin of a gift and the sharing it with others. People like to know that the products they buy are made by a real person and that what they are spending money on has a sense of authenticity attached to it.

At Amen to Homemade (A2H), the mission is to enrich lives through the pleasure of giving natural, organic and “one of a kind” homemade gifts. A2H connects those who pride themselves on individuality, beauty, and eco-friendly products. It provides a unique shopping experience for those who value attention to detail and the personal touch of a handcrafted gift.

Luz Diaz


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